This was originally intended as an entry to the Vimeo video school challenge. However we had to postpone the filming (and cooking) several times, so it didn’t get finished in time. I still wanted to try my hand at making a filmic recipe, though, and we did want to test these waffles from a stack of recipe picture postcards Lynn had got from my Lieblingstante, so we did it anyway.


It’s Lynn doing the cooking, obviously, and we agreed I would try to follow her invisibly and she wasn’t to consider me or the camera at all to make it all a little more documentary. I tried my best to keep up with her, move the tripod, set the exposure, focus etc., but next time I am definitely going for a staged shoot, as it did give me a couple of headaches in the editing process with some of the action missed, some shots poorly framed and exposures not matching. I would probably not go so far as to storyboard the next one, but a good plan with several differently framed shots that have all been set up nicely and comfortably beforehand should work a lot better!


Shot on my trusted Canon 60D with a Nikon 35mm lens stopped down to f2 most of the time using existing lights only.

(Something I would also change, with me fiddling around with the exposure all the time and shooting at 320 ISO

I occasionally had to face quite a bit of grain in post).



(There’s also a special extended cut on my vimeo account – with even more shots of the finished product:)